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GIF - Archives

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GIF - Archives

The festival of synthesis will become even more synthetic. From now on, the One Minute Festival accepts content in gif format. In addition to sending videos of up to one minute, the directors can apply their animated images on themes of the festival. It is an even more condensed format than the minute video, with great potential for sharing.

Gif comes out exactly thirty years ago, in 1987, as a lightweight and compressed image option that allowed faster downloading, becoming a widely accepted standard. However, it was only in the 1990s that browsers started to display GIF loopings as we currently know them. Since then, it has been used not only as an expressive resource in online communication, but also as a form of artistic expression by several creators. Institutions such as the Museum of the Moving Image (New York) and exhibitions such as FILE (São Paulo) already include works of the format in their collections.

The Minute encourages filmmakers to explore new ideas and create them with their own references and tools. In addition, the mixing and appropriation of content from other authors is welcome, as long as they follow the Festival's regulations.

The entry of the Minute into the world of gifs is also marked with the launch of two themes in partnership with the Spcine. The first one, Cinema, proposes the creation of gifs about the cinematographic language itself and its references. The What's Goes on at the Museum challenges the filmmakers to capture scenes from the daily life of these cultural spaces.