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For those who don´t know, The One Minutes is a one minute video organization that exists in Holland since 1999. Like our Minute Festival, they choose topics to inspire filmmakers create new works....

Know the jury from Best Minutes Exhibition 2014

The Minute Festival is glad to present the jury from Best Minutes Exhibition 2014. Every year, we invite a group of communication professionals to choose the best minute. Each sworn will cho...

Free Theme and Animation POSTPONED until end of June!

The contests Free Theme and Animation were postponed until 30th June. Take this opportunity and make a video of up to 1 minute! The best video of each contest will receive the Trophy Minu...

Make an one minute video with the theme THRILLER

suspense /səˈspɛns/ A quality in a work of fiction that arouses excited expectation or uncertainty about what may happen. (Source: Oxford Dictionaries) Make an one minute thriller video. ...

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